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April 19th, 2001














Band of Brothers
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Real Name James C. Potts
Nickname Yotuck
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Personal Information

40 yr old husband & father of five. Spouse - Marsha. Children - Jennifer 21, Kayla 11, Mary Katherine 9, Christopher 7 & Rebekah 5. Sergeant First Class in the Tennessee Army National Guard. Have worked in Infantry, Intelligence, Communications, Aviation, Training/Readiness & currently a recruiter. 18 years in service. Civilian jobs have included Police Officer & Cattle Farmer.
Priorities are GOD, family, country & Combat Mission. (sometimes the order varies. lol )

Favorite War Movies

Tobruk, Hell Is For Heroes, Saving Private Ryan, Patton, The Longest Day, Gettysburg, Kelly's Heroes, In Harm's Way, Pearl Harbor (I known it's not yet put, but I was balling from just the previews!)

Favorite War Book
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of World War II, (That's it! Too busy watching Movies)

Favorite Game
Computer: CM, Axis & Allies, Panzer General II  Board: Squad Leader, Panzer Leader, Fortress America.

Favorite Quote
"I am that I am!" GOD, “When I joined the Army homosexuality was illegal. Then it became optional. I’m retiring before it becomes MANDATORY! Gen John Wickham, upon his retirement. "I want that man decorated! He's in good with GOD!, MG George Patton.