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April 19th, 2001















Band of Brothers
Tournament Rules

A. Participants

You may only participate in a tournament if you have 5 games recorded in the BAR. The tournament organizer may limit the number of participants in which case the participants should be selected on a first come first served basis.

Note: The Band of Brothers Club Champion Tournament is exempt from this participant rule. Some special competitions may also receive exemptions.

B. Deadlines

Guideline: One week should be allowed for every four combat mission turns in a battle. This schedule should allow more than enough time to get the battles finished and even allow for a few minor delays.

Combat Mission Turns

Weeks Allowed

4 or less


5 to 8


9 to 12


13 to 16


17 to 20


21 to 24


25 to 28


29 to 32


33 to 36


37 to 40


When a tournament deadline is set it needs to be a hard deadline, no extensions, especially with the ample time the above schedule allows.  A tournament organizer may deviate from the above schedule but any deadline set must be hard and fast.

Both players involved in a battle are responsible for getting the game finished by the deadline. If your opponent is not carrying their weight you should notify the tournament organizer as soon as possible so they may look into the problem.

Should a game not be completed by the deadline and the tournament organizer is able to single out one player as the cause, then that player will be disqualified and his opponent will advance. If he is unable to single out one player as the cause then both players will be disqualified and neither player will advance. So let the tournament organizer know if you are having a problem.

 C. Demerits

 Receiving Demerits

The tournament organizer, Visom, and/or Kilroy may give a disqualified member a demerit if they feel it is deserved. The effects of demerits are as follows:

Demerits Penalty
1 None
2 Member must be approved by the tournament
organizer to gain entry into a tournament
3 Member is banned from tournament play for two months
4 Member is banned for six months from tournament play

Erasing Demerits

When a member that has demerits successfully completes their obligation for an entire tournament, one demerit will be erased. It is the memberís responsibility to notify Stryker that a demerit should be erased.

D. BAR Reporting of Tournament Games

All tournament battles must be reported to the BAR unless the tournament host states otherwise prior to the tournament getting underway.