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Band of Brothers
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The scenarios available on this page have either been designed by a Band of Brother member or recommended by them as a fun and enjoyable scenario to play. Any member who wishes to submit a scenario for this page should email the following information to Kilroy along with the scenario file.

  1. Scenario Name

  2. Brief Description of the Scenario

  3. Game Length in Turns

  4. Designer's Name

Also, we here at Band of Brothers fully support the efforts of the Combat Mission Scenario Depot. Its a great place to find scenarios that have been reviewed, to add your own reviews, and to upload your own scenarios for distribution. Drop by and check the place out.

Combat Mission Scenario Downloads
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Scenario Description



Abandon Ship!

Elements of 501st Airborne delay against elements of Panzer Lehr thrusting towards Bastogne during Battle Of The Bulge.


Gary Barr
"Sgt Steiner"

Action At Tessel Bretteville

Elements of Durham Light Infantry (70th Brigade, 49th West Riding Div) with armored support, engage elements of Panzer Lehr Division at Tessel Bretteville Normandy.

30 Gary Barr
"Sgt Steiner"

Cold Crocodiles

Elements of 8th Hussars (Kings Royal Irish) Armored Recon Regiment attempt to seize only crossing over the Krom Beck at St. Joost, Holland against reported weak and disorganized German opposition in early 1945. 26 Gary Barr
"Sgt Steiner"
Faustenhasen The U.S. has broken through existing lines and are exploiting rapidly towards a vital railhead. 35 Matt Anderson
Foothills of Froid French infantry try to destroy a German command HQ before the Mt. Froid conflict. 12 Ethan Richard
Hell's Own Half Acre American and German units meet at a vital crossroads on the second day of the Bulge. 25 Mike Heckman
Le Chaudron A fictional engagement in February 1945. A French infantry battalion supported by armor is sent to secure the "quiet" northern suburbs of a German city. An intense urban battle with many individual tactical problems to solve for both sides. Enjoy. 45 Mike Heckman
Repulsed Elements of US 116th Infantry Regiment, 29th Infantry Div supported by 747th Tank Battalion assault the village of Les Foulons, Normandy opposed by elements of German 914th Grenadier Regt, 352nd Infantry Div. 30 Gary Barr
"Sgt Steiner"