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April 19th, 2001















Band of Brothers
Top Squad Details



The top squad competition is a team event that will be an ongoing competition in the club. The competitors will be "squads" of four players with one player on each squad being designated the squad leader and one the assistant squad leader. These squads will be assigned to the German or Allied side with each squad choosing their force type. The members of the squads will assign their squad a name to make it even more fun.

The competition will consist of every squad on the German side playing every squad on the Allied side with the squad from each side winning the most matches meeting in the championship to become the Top Squad. When the competition is over we will start again (assuming there is still interest) with any existing squads that wish to participate as well as adding any new squads that wish to sign up.

Note: This is not considered a Band of Brothers tournament as far as the Club Champion competition goes, but the winners will earn tournament champion medals and everyone participating will earn a ribbon. The battles will count as official Band of Brothers games as far as rankings and stats are concerned.

This competition uses handicapped scoring so it is only open to members who have completed five games and have been assigned a rank. Since the matches will be handicapped I'm going to allow members to sign up as squads if they wish, thus enabling friends to be on the same squad. If you want to participate and have no preference who is on your squad then you may sign up as an individual and as soon as there are four individual players signed up they'll create a squad.

How does it all work? Well I'll use two squads as an example.


Squad A

Squad B

Player Name

Avg Player Name Avg
Player 1a 63 Player 2a 72
Player 1b 35 Player 2b 66
Player 1c 45 Player 2c 52
Player 1d 52 Player 2d 50

Ok, the AVG is the player's rank score divided by 2 and rounded to the nearest whole point. These averages would be updated following each match. The total of all averages for squad A is 195 while the total for all averages of squad B is 240. The handicap is then calculated as (240-195) * 2 = 90. This would give Squad A a 90 point handicap over Squad B since they have the lower total averages. So you could look at the score of the match as being 90 - 0 in favor of Squad A before the match even begins.

Each match will consist of eight games, each player fighting 2 battles. The eight games are decided by the squad leader of each squad. The squad A leader will match his four players against the four players of squad B (4 games) and the squad B leader will do likewise with the four members of his squad (4 games). All of these battles (2 per player) would be played simultaneously.

The winning squad is the one that scores the most total points in the eight matches and these totals would include the handicap. 

All battles must use one of the following setups with the choice being made by the squad member initiating the battle. So if Player 1a was assigned by his squad leader to play Player 2d, then Player 1a will be initiating the battle and select the setup to be used. If Player 2b was assigned by his squad leader to play Player 1b then Player 2b will be initiating the battle and select the setup.